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what if you had the power to cure cancer?

HELP US kick cancer’s a$$

Colon cancer is one of the most common and deadliest cancers worldwide. Nearly 1.23 million people are diagnosed every year. Sound like an unfair fight? It doesn’t have to be. The cure is at our fingertips.

The Wunder Project is simple but revolutionary: every penny raised by The Wunder Project will go to fund RESEARCH and set in motion all of the platforms necessary to finding the cure for colon cancer and creating the blueprint for curing other cancers. We are cutting out the middleman – just one courageous, badass woman, her doctor, and everyone who decides to join the fight.  They are the leaders, but YOU are the movement.

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Our gifted team will employ a multi-faceted approach to finding the cure. We have outlined the crucial clinical and research-related steps necessary to making essential advances along with organizational and infrastructure-related enhancements that will help us efficiently and effectively achieve our goals. LEARN MORE >

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Every Day Is A Chance

Upon awakening on the morning of December 27th 2013, Gloria immediately asked her mother for a pen and paper and wrote the following poem. These words will serve as WunderGlo's final blog ...

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A Tribute to Our WunderGlo

As most of you know, Gloria Borges, or WunderGlo as she has been known for the last three years, passed away on January 5, 2014. On January 11, we honored Gloria's magnificent and brilliant life ...

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Checking In (Seattle, Chemo Round 60, East Coast, ER, 32nd Birthday)

Dear Readers, forgive me for being so quiet over the last several weeks - as always, it's not an indication of bad things happening but many things happening. There's almost too much to report so ...

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Chemo Round 60

After a productive time at the hospital and an incredible time at the Kanye West concert (didn’t I tell you that I went to the show the night after being released from the hospital?), I was ready ...

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