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    Host your own Wunder Project Fundraiser

    In working together to save her life, they found that they could do even more as a team…the incredible bond between a gifted doctor and his remarkable patient

    WunderGlo and her HJL

    Gloria Borges and Dr. Heinz Josef-Lenz

    They are mainstays at the USC Norris Cancer Center’s Day Hospital, where patients receive their chemotherapy treatment. A fast-moving, gregarious German oncologist bounding down the halls in his white coat and a 5’3” powerhouse patient who is most likely decked out in a Run DMC sweatshirt, high fiving staff and patients, and discussing everything from her latest bloodwork to the most recent Duke basketball game. They are a force to be reckoned with and their energy is contagious.

    Not only is their friendship deep, their bond unbreakable and their drive and tenacity more than anyone has ever seen – they are also some of the best and brightest in their field. Dr. Lenz is a world-renowned researcher and oncologist who has been a thought leader in the colon cancer world for years. He has gathered the best researchers, doctors and other leaders in their fields to commit to The Wunder Project and has worked tirelessly to lay out a very specific plan and budget to ensure that no stone will been left unturned. Dr. Lenz is sure that if he has the funds, The Wunder Project’s Medical Team will be able to cure colon cancer by the end of the decade.

    Gloria, his counterpart, has always excelled, whether at her beloved Duke University or Stanford Law School, at O’Melveny, or on the various boards and organizations she’s been associated with during her successful career. With Gloria leading the charge using her business acumen, networking abilities and incredible passion to start a movement and build partnerships to raise the funds for Dr. Lenz’s “dream team” of scientists and physicians, there is no way the two of them will not succeed.

    After all, WunderGlo and HJL aren’t just trying to change the face of cancer research and treatment…this is personal, too. The Wunder Project is their opportunity to find the cure for Gloria, too. These two powerhouses are deeply committed to saving Gloria’s life, and to saving millions of others. And to changing the way we see cancer forever.