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    Our Partners

    Our partners support our groundbreaking approach to finding the cure for colon cancer. Rather than comparing The Wunder Project to other cancer non-profit initiatives, we’ll tell you about who WE are.

    • We are direct, ambitious and communicative – we won’t stop until we have raised every last penny needed to fund the cure for colon cancer.
    • We are transparent: The Wunder Project is able to provide a very specific breakdown on how each donated dollar is used and where it is allocated.
    • We are focused on the cure: Every penny raised under The Wunder Project goes directly to Dr. Lenz and his team to cure colon cancer. Yes, every penny. No parties, no salaries, no middleman, no red tape. Our angel investors have funded The WunderGlo Foundation’s budget for the year, so there is no overhead costs to detract from donations made to The Wunder Project.
    • WE are the cure. By we, that means all of us. Every person that comes on board is part of finding the cure and changing the world.
    • Become one of our partners and make an even bigger impact in our fight to crush colon cancer.