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    Wunder means Miracle

    The Wunder Project is a movement created by one doctor and one patient. A movement to get every person involved to change the face of cancer. Contrary to popular belief, it can be cured. The only thing standing in the way between patients and a cure is money, bureaucracy, and politics. The Wunder Project is creative, forward-thinking, and aggressive. The Wunder Project will not back down until we have raised every last cent of the $250 million dollars needed for the cure and we will ensure that the process will not be held up by inefficiency, middlemen, or red tape.

    Yes, finding the cure will be nothing short of miraculous. But this is a miracle that we can achieve and a miracle from which we can all benefit.

    YOU can be part of that miracle. Every person, every dollar, every discussion counts. You were born to kick cancer’s ass – join Dr. Lenz and Gloria in their mission to cure colon cancer.